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The Revolutions of formed part of a revolutionary wave in the late s and early s that resulted in the end of communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond.

The period is sometimes called the Autumn of Nations[4] [5] [6] [7] [8] a play on the term "Spring of Nations" that is sometimes used to describe the Revolutions of The events of the full-blown revolution began in Poland in [9] [10] and continued in HungaryEast GermanyBulgariaCzechoslovakia and Romania. One feature common to most of these developments was the extensive use of campaigns of civil resistancedemonstrating popular opposition to the continuation of one-party rule and contributing to the pressure for change.

Protests in Tiananmen Square April to June failed to stimulate major political changes in China, but influential images of courageous defiance during that protest helped to spark a precipitation of events in other parts of the globe.

On 4 June the trade union Solidarity won an overwhelming victory in a partially free election in Polandsingle party leipzig 2016 to the peaceful fall of Communism in that country in the summer of Hungary began June dismantling its section of the physical Iron Curtainleading to a mass exodus of East Germans single party leipzig 2016 Hungary, which destabilised East Germany.

This led to mass demonstrations in cities such as Leipzig and subsequently to the fall of the Berlin Wall in Novemberwhich served as the symbolic gateway to German reunification in The Soviet Union dissolved in Decemberresulting in 11 new countries ArmeniaAzerbaijanBelarusGeorgiaKazakhstanKyrgyzstanMoldovaTajikistanTurkmenistanUkraine and Uzbekistan which had declared their independence from the Soviet Union in the course of the year, while the Baltic states EstoniaLatvia and Lithuania regained their independence.

The rest of the Soviet Union, which constituted the bulk of the area, became the Russian Federation in December Albania and Yugoslavia abandoned Communism between and Single party leipzig 2016Yugoslavia had split into single party leipzig 2016 successor states: Bosnia and HerzegovinaCroatiaMacedoniaSlovenia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslaviawhich was later renamed Serbia and Montenegro in and single party leipzig 2016 split into two states, Serbia and Montenegroin Serbia was then further split with the breakaway of the partially recognised state of Kosovo in Czechoslovakia dissolved three years after the end of Communist rule, splitting peacefully into the Czech Single party leipzig 2016 and Slovakia in Communism was abandoned in countries such as CambodiaEthiopiaMongolia which in democratically re-elected a Communist government that ran the country until and South Yemen During the adoption of varying forms of market economythere was initially a general decline in living standards.

China, CubaLaos and Vietnam North Korea went through a constitutional reform in that made it nominally no longer communist but still de facto link on Stalinist lines. Many Communist and Socialist organisations in the West turned their guiding principles over to social democracy. Communist parties in Italy and San Marino suffered, and the reformation of the Italian political class took place in the early s.

In South Americahowever, the Pink tide had single party leipzig 2016, starting with Venezuela in and sweeping though the early s. Socialism had been gaining momentum among working class citizens of the world since the 19th century. These culminated in the early 20th century, when several states and colonies formed their own communist parties. Many of the countries involved had hierarchical structures with monarchic governments and aristocratic social structures with an established nobility.

Its champions suffered persecution while people were discouraged from adopting it. This had been the practice even in states which identified as exercising a multi-party system. Single party leipzig 2016 the period between the world wars, communism had been on the rise in many parts of the world, especially in towns and cities. This led to a series of purges single party leipzig 2016 many countries to stifle the movement. Violent resistance to this repression led to a decrease in support for communism in Central and Eastern Europe.

Germany then turned against and invaded the USSR: The USSR fought the Germans to a standstill and finally began driving them back, reaching Berlin before the end of the war.

Nazi ideology was violently künstliche befruchtung single auslandand the Nazis brutally suppressed communist movements in the countries it occupied.

Communists played a large part in the resistance to the Nazis in these countries. As the Soviets forced the Germans back, they assumed temporary control of these devastated areas. The Soviets retained troops throughout these territories. The Chinese Revolution established communism in China in During the Hungarian Revolution ofa spontaneous nationwide revolt, the Soviet Union invaded Hungary to assert control.

On 13 DecemberPolish Prime Minister Wojciech Jaruzelski started a crackdown on Solidarity by declaring martial law in Polandsuspending the union, and temporarily imprisoning all of its leaders. Although several Eastern bloc countries had attempted some abortive, limited economic and political reform since the s e. During the mids, a younger generation of Soviet apparatchiksled by Gorbachev, began advocating fundamental reform in order to reverse years of Brezhnev stagnation.

After decades of growth, the Soviet Union was now facing a period of severe economic decline and needed Western technology and credits [ clarification needed ] to make up for its increasing backwardness. The costs single party leipzig 2016 maintaining its military, the KGBsubsidies to foreign client states etc. The first signs of major reform came in when Gorbachev launched a policy of glasnost openness in the Soviet Union, and emphasized the need for perestroika economic restructuring.

While single party leipzig 2016 ostensibly advocated openness and political criticism, these were only permitted within a narrow spectrum dictated by the state. The general public in the Eastern bloc were still subject to secret police and political repression. Gorbachev urged his Central and Southeast European counterparts to imitate perestroika and glasnost in their own countries.

However, while reformists in Hungary and Poland were emboldened by the force of liberalization spreading from the east, other Eastern bloc countries remained openly skeptical and demonstrated aversion to reform.

By the late s, people in the Caucasus and Baltic states were demanding more autonomy from Moscowand the Kremlin was losing some of its control over certain regions and elements in the Soviet Union. In Novemberthe Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic issued a declaration of sovereignty[17] which would eventually lead to other states making similar declarations of autonomy. The Chernobyl disaster in April had major political and social effects that catalyzed or at least partially caused the revolutions of One political result of the disaster was the greatly increased significance of the new Soviet policy of glasnost.

In Februaryin one of the first peaceful, mass-movement revolutions against a dictatorship, the People Power Revolution in the Philippines peacefully overthrew dictator Ferdinand Marcos and inaugurated Cory Aquino as president. The domino effect of the revolutions of affected other regimes as well. Exact tallies of the number of democracies vary depending on the criteria used for assessment, but by some measures by the late s single party leipzig 2016 were well over democracies in the world, a marked increase in just a few decades.

Throughout the mids, Solidarity persisted solely as an underground organization, supported by the Catholic Church. On 9 Marchboth sides agreed to a bicameral legislature called the National Assembly. The already existing Sejm would become the lower house. The Senate would single party leipzig 2016 elected by the people.

Traditionally a ceremonial office, the presidency was given more powers [21] Polish Round Table Agreement. Bythe Soviet Union had repealed the Brezhnev Doctrine in favor of non-intervention in the internal single party leipzig 2016 of its Warsaw Pact allies, termed the Sinatra Doctrine in a joking reference to the Frank Sinatra song " My Way ".

Poland became the first Warsaw Pact country to break free of Soviet domination. New Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in office —87 developed the concept of Socialism with Chinese market economyaroundbut the policy stalled. The first Chinese student demonstrations, which directly preceded the Beijing protests oftook place in December in Hefei.

The students called for campus elections, the chance to study abroad single party leipzig 2016 greater availability of Western pop culture. Their protests took advantage of the loosening political article source and included rallies against the slow pace of reform. The movement lasted for seven weeks. The Chinese leadership, particularly Communist Party general secretary Zhao Ziyanghaving begun earlier than the Soviets to radically reform the economy, was open to political reform, but not at the cost of a potential return to the disorder of the Cultural Revolution.

In Beijing, the military response to the protest by the PRC government left many civilians in charge of clearing the square of the dead and severely injured.

The exact number of casualties is not known and many different estimates exist. On 7 July President Mikhail Gorbachev implicitly renounced the use of force against other Soviet-bloc nations. Speaking to members of the nation Council of Europe, Mr. Over the next few days, sixteen other mines went on strike followed by a number of shipyards, including on 22 August, the Gdansk Shipyardfamous as the epicentre of the industrial unrest that spawned Solidarity.

On 4 April the historic Round Table Agreement was signed legalising Single party leipzig 2016 and setting up partly free parliamentary elections to be held on 4 June incidentally, the day following the midnight crackdown on Chinese protesters in Tiananmen Square. A political earthquake followed. The victory of Solidarity surpassed all predictions. Solidarity candidates captured all the seats they were allowed to compete for in the Sejmwhile in the Senate they captured 99 out of the available seats with the one remaining seat taken by an independent candidate.

At the same time, many prominent Communist candidates failed to gain even the minimum number of votes required to capture the seats that were reserved for them. On 19 Augustsingle party leipzig 2016 a stunning please click for source moment, Tadeusz Mazowieckian anti-Communist editor, Solidarity supporter, and devout Catholic, was nominated as Prime Minister of Poland — and the Soviet Union voiced no protest.

In a tense Parliament, Mazowiecki received votes, with 4 against and 41 abstentions. The Warsaw Pact was dissolved on 1 July On 27 October the first entirely free Polish parliamentary elections since took place.

The last Russian troops left Poland on 18 September On 12 Januarythe Parliament adopted a "democracy package", which included trade union pluralism; freedom of association, assembly, and the press; a new electoral law; and a radical revision of the constitution, among others. Mass demonstrations on 15 March, the National Day, persuaded the regime to begin negotiations with the emergent non-Communist political single party leipzig 2016. Round Table talks began on 22 April and continued until the Round Table agreement was signed on 18 September.

On 1 June the Communist Party admitted that former Prime Minister Imre Nagyhanged for treason for his role single party leipzig 2016 the Hungarian uprising, was executed illegally after a show trial. The Round Table agreement of 18 September encompassed six draft laws that covered an overhaul of the Constitutionestablishment of a Constitutional Courtthe functioning and management of political parties, multiparty elections for National Assembly deputies, the penal code and the law on penal procedures the last two changes represented an additional separation of the Party from the state apparatus.

On 2 MayHungary started dismantling its barbed wire border with Austriaopening a large hole through the Iron Curtain to the West that was used by a growing number of East Germans. Single party leipzig 2016 of East Germans tried to reach the West by occupying the West German diplomatic single party leipzig 2016 in other Central and Eastern European capitals, notably the Prague Embassy and the Hungarian Embassy where thousands camped in the muddy garden from August to November waiting for German political reform.

Having been shut off from their last chance for escape, an increasing number of East Germans participated in the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig on 4, 11, and 18 September, each attracting 1, to 1, demonstrators; many were arrested and beaten.

However, the people refused to be intimidated. On 25 September, the protests attracted 8, demonstrators. However, Honecker remained opposed to internal reform, with his regime even going so far as single party leipzig 2016 the circulation schweiz partnersuche vergleichstest Soviet publications that it viewed as subversive.

In spite of rumours that the Communists were planning a massacre on 9 October, 70, citizens demonstrated in Leipzig that Monday, and the authorities on the ground refused to open fire.

The following Monday, 16 October,people demonstrated on the streets of Single party leipzig 2016. Erich Honecker had hoped that the Soviets would enter the Click hereas by the Warsaw Pactand restore the communist government and suppress the civilian protests.

By the Soviet Government deemed it impractical for the Soviet Union to continue holding its grasp on the Eastern Blocand so it took a neutral stance regarding the events happening in East Germany. Faced with this ongoing civil unrest, the SED deposed Honecker on 18 October and replaced him with the number-two-man in the regime, Egon Krenz.

However, the demonstrations kept growing — on Monday 23 October the Leipzig protesters numberedand remained as large the following week.

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